'My girlfriend is extremely suspicious...'

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My girlfriend feels that I am two-timing her. She has it in her head that I am having a romp with some woman somewhere

Dear Diana,
My girlfriend feels that I am two-timing her. She has it in her head that I am having a romp with some woman somewhere. I genuinely like her, but whatever I say, she is in no mood to listen. Most of her problems are self-made due to her suspicious and insecure nature. I can't get it out of her head that I am not cheating on her when I am at work or elsewhere. She constantly keep tabs on me and keeps calling every now and then to monitor every move of mine. It is often irritating and sometimes things get so impossible, especially when she finds me not responding to my calls. She then goes berserk calling my pals and office to know about my whereabouts. I have become the butt of jokes due to this factor. How do I make her realise that I am not what she thinks me to be?
— Virender

Illustration/Amit Bandre
Illustration/Amit Bandre 

Dear Virender,
Your girlfriend is a hard nut to crack. A suspicious mind will find something amiss in every move. She is always ill-at-ease and spotting hidden meanings which nobody else even considers are there. It can be a devastating way to live as your girlfriend appears to have a personality disorder. She has a problem, but she is not aware of it. Even worse is the fact that others around you at home and in the workplace are making fun of you due to her behaviour. When she is not in one of those moods, tell her exactly how you feel. She needs to grow out of this habit, she needs counselling and help.

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