'My girlfriend is just using me...'

Aug 04, 2014, 06:38 IST | Dear Diana

My girlfriend parted ways with me in February as she did not have any feelings for me.

Dear Diana,
My girlfriend parted ways with me in February as she did not have any feelings for me. We are both 27. Since then she has been hanging out with other guys, but did not find anyone suitable. She now wants to patch up with me. I like her, but now I am in a fix. My close pals tell me she is just using me. Should I get back with her?
— Amreesh

Dear Diana

Dear Amreesh,
What your pals are telling you is right. Tomorrow she might find someone else and walk away yet again. Or perhaps she may be bored of you yet again. If you still have feelings for her and want her back in your life, you need to talk it out with her. She can't be oscillating from one guy to another. Perhaps she is unsure about her feelings and can't decide. It is time she takes control and realise who she wants to be with. She is 27 and not a teenager. Take her back only if she is committed to you — or else prepare yourself for heartbreak yet again.

Dear Diana,
I have been seeing a colleague for six months. He is married and has children. I am single. Of late, I get this feeling that he is with me only to satisfy himself. Whenever he is with me, it is only sex on his mind. I keep telling him that we can talk and go out for drives or watch a movie, but he only wants to get physical. I assumed that he was in a bad marriage, but when I asked him about it, he got angry. What do I do?
— Pragya

Dear Pragya,
If you feel that he is using you to satisfy his sexual urges, it is a sign that all is not well between you two. You are single while he is married with kids. Have you ever given a thought to whether there is a future with him? You are pleasing him for the fear of losing him. You do not want to annoy him so he demands and you give in. It is time you take control of your life. Remember, he won't leave his wife and kids for you.

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