'My girlfriend is moving far away...'

Sep 04, 2015, 06:00 IST | Dear Diana

My girlfriend is moving from Mumbai to Hyderabad next month as her family is relocating

Dear Diana,
My girlfriend is moving from Mumbai to Hyderabad next month as her family is relocating. Her father passed away last year and her mother feels it is better to stay where most of their other relatives reside. My girlfriend says that she will keep in touch. I know that things will get difficult due to the distance. I will not be able to see her nor can we meet every weekend. Nor can we afford to travel every now and then. I am afraid that I will lose her and we will drift apart. Should we call it quits on an amicable note before she leaves for Hyderabad? Or should I give the long-distance relationship a try and see where it heads? I am upset as well as confused. One of my pal's girlfriend went to the US for further studies. Over time they drifted apart and now do not even talk. I am scared something similar will happen to me too.
— Arnav


Dear Arnav,
Your fears are most unwarranted. There are scores of couples out there who have long-distance relationships. You seem to be getting worked up even before she has gone. There is no need to worry about what will happen. Technology has now made the world a smaller place. You can keep in touch via SMS, phone calls, emails and Skype. Hyderabad is not too far off; it's just about an hour's flight from Mumbai. You could book online airline tickets in advance at bargain rates. If you can't meet often, talk to each other over the phone whenever time permits or chat online. You just need to show that you care for her and you are there for her despite the distance. As long as you both communicate well, the distance aspect does not matter. Be in a positive space instead of moaning and groaning about her shift to Hyderabad. I am sure her mother has her reasons to move to their native place. If you are serious about the girl and care for her, love, as they say, can conquer all.

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