'My girlfriend keeps faking pregnancies...'

Mar 18, 2015, 06:00 IST | Dear Diana

My girlfriend and I have been indulging in a physical relationship for the past year...

Dear Diana,
My girlfriend and I have been indulging in a physical relationship for the past year. But since the past three months, after every time we have been together, she tells me she is pregnant. The first time she told me, I was scared and just did not know what to do. For that entire day, I could not function nor could I sleep during the night. The next morning, she called me and burst out laughing saying it was a joke. We are both 25. I no longer fear it, but I find it strange that she thinks it is a laughing matter. Isn't it weird that a girl should fake pregnancy? I have told
her about it, but she feels this is her way of keeping me in check. What should I do? How do I tackle
this strange behaviour of my girlfriend?
— Deepak

Illustration/Amit Bandre
Illustration/Amit Bandre 

Dear Deepak,
It is not strange, but rather weird of your girlfriend to fake pregnancies. This is either her way to scare you or to have you for keeps. The only way to truly tell if your girlfriend is pregnant is through a test. From the looks of it, every time you have sex with her, she gets pregnant. Her pregnancy strangely disappears and resurfaces only when you have got physical with her next. This is an impossible situation and a figment of her imagination. Jokes apart, you need to tell her how you feel about the situation. Pregnancy is not a subject to joke about. It is okay to have fears and doubts about pregnancy. But what she is doing is outright bizarre. Looks like your girlfriend has nothing else to do in life. She is 25 and it is time she showed some maturity in the relationship.

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