'My girlfriend lied about her past...'

Mar 04, 2014, 06:08 IST | Dear Diana

I'm 27 and my girlfriend is 24. We've been together for two years. I recently learnt about her past

Dear Diana,
I'm 27 and my girlfriend is 24. We've been together for two years. I recently learnt about her past. She had lied to me that she did not have a boyfriend earlier. I love her a lot, but this deception is troubling me a lot. She could have been honest with me as I was with her. Should I continue in the relationship?
— Rayaan

Illustration: Amit Bandre
Illustration: Amit Bandre 

Dear Rayaan,
As she lied to you, you have every right to be angry with her. Due to this, you will keep doubting her honesty. You have to let her know that she can't take for granted. Remind her that you are serious about the relationship. Tell her how hurt you are because of her lies. Unless she's willing to talk and apologise, you will continue to doubt her. Take the relationship forward only if she is willing to make amends. It appears that you seem to be more committed than her.

Dear Diana,
I am in class nine and good
in studies. One of my neighbours recently migrated to the US. We keep chatting on a social networking site. Last week, he confessed that he likes me. When he was here, he did not give any such hint. I don't know what to say to him because I'm confused about him. I am 14 and he
is 18.
— Shiri

Dear Shiri,
It appears that you might have appeared vulnerable while chatting with him on social media. Or perhaps he is trying to imbibe the Yankee lifestyle as it is common to have a girlfriend in your teens there. At the moment concentrate on your studies, especially as you have a board exam coming up next year. You can tell him that you believe in just friendship for now without any tags to it. You can keep in touch via social media and decide later in life about being in a relationship.

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