'My girlfriend makes me wear skirts'

Mar 05, 2014, 07:00 IST | Diana

Whenever we meet at her house, she insists I wear women's clothes and she dresses up like a guy

Dear Diana,
I am 26. My girlfriend is from Indore. She is working in Mumbai and stays alone in a rented flat. We have been in a relationship for a while. She is a tomboy, but her fantasies of late have been weird. Whenever we meet at her house, she insists I wear women’s clothes and she dresses up like a guy. Intially, I thought it would be fun. Now, I am tired of this eccentricity.
— Kalpesh

Illustration/Amit Bandre

Dear Kalpesh,
Looks like your girl loves to wear the pants in the house, literally. She wants to be the one in control and have the upper hand. Initially, you might have thought it as kinky and done it for kicks, but it is proving to be too much for you now. You need to tell her that you no longer like doing it. As she is a tomboy, she thinks she can have the upper hand. You toed her line, but if you are not comfortable, you need to put a stop to it and tell her exactly what you feel.

Dear Diana,
I am 21 years old. Three weeks ago, I met this guy at a friend’s party and we got comfortable with each other. The other day he kissed me and told me that he wants to marry me. He says he wants a physical relationship with me. What should I do? He is 28 and insists on taking snapshots of our cosy moments on his cell phone.
— Naina

Dear Naina,
This man is going too fast. You barely know him and within days he demands a physical relationship. Have you ever wondered what he must have done with those intimate pictures in his mobile phone? By now he must have sent it to all his friends boasting about his exploits. You seem to be a an easy prey for him. First, get those snapshots deleted from his cell and get to know him before thinking of doing anything else with him. You are 21 and by know you should be able to gauge a genuine guy from a conman.

Diana will solve it!
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