'My guy keeps looking at other girls'

Sep 23, 2013, 23:35 IST | Dear Diana

Dear Diana, My guy has this habit of looking at any young woman who passes by. When I ask him about it he says it is no big deal.

He tells me all men check out women. I am really sick and tired of his habit. How do I get him to keep his eyes off other women, especially when I am around?
— Sanika

Dear Sanika,
It is like a reflex action for your guy. He probably has no self-control. It has become a habit and it is obvious that he has been doing it for years. A lot of young guys have this habit of hanging out and looking at every girl who passes by. It is not as if he is cheating on you but if he is going to ogle at every PYT who passes by it surely is disgusting. Looking is something almost every guy does. But the guys know how to not to be caught. Your guy obviously goes into a spell when he sees a woman. So you need to tell him to go slow on his gaze. Or be smart not to be caught doing it.

Diana will solve it!
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