'My guy suddenly stopped all contacts with me'

May 15, 2013, 23:53 IST | Dear Diana

Dear Diana, A few months ago, a new guy joined my office. We hit it off well from day one.

We had so much in common, we talked about everything, he told me how much he liked me and that I was different, etc. For six months we had a great time. Now since a fortnight, he has started behaving weird. He has stopped calling me and is clearly avoiding me. I am heartbroken. If only he had told me the reason for his behaviour.
— Aisha

Dear Aisha,
This guy is a coward. He should have told you the reason why he probably does not want to be with you. He has just left you dangling. He is probably a player and just wanted to have a good time with you. It may be hard for you, but you have to put this behind you, learn whatever lessons you were meant to learn from it and get on with rebuilding your life. There is no point even asking him the reason because he just does not want to talk to you. So don’t even bother to seek an answer from him. It will hurt you even more as he will not give you a reply.

Diana will solve it!
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