'My guy thinks that I'm having an affair with someone else...'

Oct 23, 2015, 06:00 IST | Dear Diana

My boyfriend is of a suspicious nature. He constantly inquires about my whereabouts

Dear Diana,
My boyfriend is of a suspicious nature. He constantly inquires about my whereabouts. He wants to know what I am doing throughout the day. I have to keep him in the loop about my every move. It is in his head that I am having an affair with someone. I do not know how to make him see sense. Whatever I say, he is in no mood to listen. He tells me it is his nature and he is concerned about me. We have constant fights due to his suspicious nature. I am not cheating on him, so why does he doubt me? He monitors every move of mine. This is getting to me now. I find it irritating, especially when I am with my girl pals. They have started making fun of me. I have become the butt of their jokes due to his constant calls and messages. How do I make him stop his overbearing nature?
— Farida

Dear Farida,
Your guy certainly has a problem. He suffers from an obsessive compulsive disorder of keeping tabs on you. A suspicious mind will always find something amiss in every move. This is because he thinks certain things are happening which are far from true. I can understand your predicament. It is not only irritating, but can drive you up the wall. Your guy needs to do a reality check. Tell him how everyone around you is making fun of you due to his behaviour. When he is not in one of those overbearing moods, tell him to see sense and stop. If not, ask yourself if you want to stick on to a guy who does not trust you.

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