'My life's going reverse!'

Jul 05, 2012, 09:05 IST | Shakti Shetty

Homi Adajania on all the things he's been up to when he was away from filmdom

He is one of the filmmakers whose script is being made into a novel. But that’s the way Homi Adajania’s life goes — always the other way around. That’s why the man has taken six long years to make another film post Being Cyrus. Homi talks about his ulta-pulta life and career:

Where had you disappeared all these years?
I was expecting this question! (Laughs) Well, I was busy writing, travelling, scuba-diving and doing stuff I like. A feature film didn’t happen all this while because nothing interested me. As simple as that!

We hear a novel is being written on your script... that’s like going in the opposite direction!
(Laughs again) It’s almost like my life; always going in the reverse direction! I wrote a satire based in Goa called Finding Fanny Fernandes and then Kersi Khambatta who co-wrote Being Cyrus thought of penning a novel on it.

How did your new film happen?
It was Dinesh (Vijan, producer) who wanted me to move out of my comfort zone. He’s always been nagging that I should get going with my career. Of course, there are other factors that influenced me but he was of the belief that I must do this film.

Why did Imtiaz Ali ask you to direct this film?
Even I was a bit apprehensive wondering how this film would turn out, given the fact that it is Imtiaz’s story, not mine. But then he told me, “Make it your story!” and that’s when everything began to fall into place. He just asked me to put my own narrative style and I went with the flow.

How did Saif replace Imran Khan?
Imran was the first choice, yes, but it didn’t work out. So in the end, he wasn’t part of the cast. Later, Saif heard the script and totally loved it. He even decided to produce it.

Being a producer, did Saif interfere with how the film should be?
Not at all. Saif won’t do that. He, like Imtiaz, never interfered in my working space. They came up with brilliant ideas though. Besides, we are all professionals here. We know our boundaries.

Why Diana Penty?
We wanted a new face with no acting baggage, with natural awkwardness — someone not aware of how good-looking she really is. Imtiaz suggested her name and when she walked into the audition, we knew we didn’t have to look any further.

What next for you?
I have no idea what’s going to happen tomorrow. I don’t believe in plans. But if you have a good story, do let me know. 

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