'My neighbour is using my home as a love nest...'

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I recently moved to new rented place. Last month, my neighbour started a conversation with me. She won my confidence so I also gave her a spare key, now she was using it as a love nest

Dear Diana,
I am a single working woman who recently moved to this new rented place. I work long hours six days a week. Last month, my neighbour started a conversation with me. As it was a Sunday and my day off, we started chatting. She asked where I was working and where I was from.

Illustration/Amit Bandre
Illustration/Amit Bandre

After that she even offered to help in buying household stuff as she is a housewife. She won my confidence so I also gave her a spare key so that the maid could do the cleaning and washing as her latecoming would often delay my office going. I thought it was a comfortable arrangement, but did not realise what she would do. She was using it as a love nest. This woman is married with a 12-year-old daughter. She was in love with this guy who would often slip into my house where she would be waiting for him. The guy would tell the watchman that he was my boyfriend. I was shocked and this woman is refusing to admit to what was the real story. The building society is questioning me and no one is believing what I say. It is clear that I will have to vacate the place.
— Vaidehi

Dear Vaidehi,
Hope you have changed your lock so that this woman and her lover don’t have access to your place. Your neighbour has taken you for a royal ride. You fell for her smooth talk while she was making other plans. You thought she would be a helping hand, but she has proved to be a source of worry and anxiety.

Living in the neighbourhood will prove to be tough for you after all this. As soon as the lease expires move away from this area. You have learnt a lesson and next time be wary of helpful neighbours who create more trouble than offer help.

Diana will solve it!
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