'My neighbour's wife is a bombshell...'

Jul 30, 2015, 06:00 IST | Dear Diana

I am 28 and single. I live with my parents. Recently, a young couple shifted in the neighbouring flat

Dear Diana,
I am 28 and single. I live with my parents. Recently, a young couple shifted in the neighbouring flat. They have relocated from New Delhi. Ever since they introduced themselves to us, I could not take my eyes off the woman. She is extremely attractive and sexy. She is also friendly by nature and I have fallen for her. I wait for her to come on the balcony as it is next to my room. I find excuses to ring her doorbell and my mother sensing my behaviour has told me to steer clear from her. I have been dropping hints, but she is not responding. I have also tried to stop thinking about her, but it is proving to be difficult. Do you think we have a future? I follow the whiff of her perfume in the lift. I even run errands for her and she always gives me a chocolate bar or an ice cream. Do you think she is interested in me?
— Vansh


Dear Vansh,
This woman is using you. You are running errands for her and her purpose is served. She is giving you chocolates and ice cream; she is surely treating you like a kid. Isn't that what people give youngsters to make them happy? The fact that this woman is not playing up to you is a clear sign that she is not interested. You are mistaking her friendliness for love. Just because she showers attention does not mean that she, too, likes you. If she was, she would have reciprocated the feelings which she is clearly not doing. So, before you go any further, remember that if you mess up, it will also be difficult to live in the same neighbourhood. Instead, move on and find someone who will reciprocate your love. Let this woman remain in your fantasies. You seem to have developed a crush on and are lusting for her — that is different from being in love. Also, the day her hubby gets a whiff of what is going on in your mind, get ready to face the heat.

Diana will solve it!
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