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May 12, 2014, 06:52 IST | Dear Diana

I have trust related issues with my parents. It all started five years ago when my parents caught me in a relationship

Dear Diana,
I have trust related issues with my parents. It all started five years ago when my parents caught me in a relationship. They were totally against it. My relationship with my boyfriend continues to be healthy, but things aren't cordial at home. My parents have turned to be protective and restrictive about me. I'm 25, but they treat me as if I am a kid. It's really suffocating at times, especially since I'm their only child. As a result, I end up lying a lot and then feel guilty about it as well. I just want a more open social life, but I just don't know how to approach my parents.
— Soumita


Dear Soumita,
You have been hiding things from them that is the reason they are now suspicious of you. If you had been honest with them about your relationship, perhaps they might have behaved differently. You are the only child so they are protective towards you and for parents children always remain kids. You need to sit down and talk things out with them to win their trust again.

Dear Diana,
I am 27, unmarried and in a relationship for the past one year with a married woman who has a four-year-old kid. She has not yet divorced her husband. Though she is unhappy in the marriage, she is dilly-dallying over the divorce. She says she can't leave him for the sake of the child. Lately I'm feeling weighed down by all this. Should I just go my way?
— Jacob

Dear Jacob,
This woman cannot be trusted. If she was interested in you and loved you, she would not dilly-dally with her divorce. Remember she is indulging in an extra-marital affair and it will spell big trouble for you. The woman will go back to her hubby, while you will be dumped. Tell the woman to make up her mind and decide who she wants to be with or else it is better that you go your way and let her be.

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