'My parents want me to forget my boyfriend'

Sep 16, 2013, 23:39 IST | Dear Diana

Dear Diana, I am 23 and have been in a relationship since the last two years with a neighbour who is also 23.

My parents are against the relationship. They do not like him. My parents expect me to forgot him but I don’t want to.They tell me he is not settled and does not have a job. I am helpless. What should I do?
— Kiana

Dear Kiana,
He is 23 so it is obvious that he won’t be settled. He will be looking for a job and some years down the line he will be comfortably placed. It appears that your folks want you to get married soon — that’s the reason they find him unsuitable. What you need to do is to talk things out with them. Explain to them that marriage is not on the cards right now. You too are looking for a job and marriage will happen later. By that time the guy too will be settled. What is upsetting them is your defiant stance. So go slow and win them over.

Diana will solve it!
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