'My past abusive relationship is haunting me...'

Published: Dec 16, 2013, 23:39 IST | Dear Diana |

Dear Diana, I recently broke off with the guy I was involved with for almost a year.

He used to be extremely abusive and prone to anger at the drop of a hat. He used to force me to do things much against my wishes. But since I was very fond of him, I didn’t mind doing as he said for fear of losing him. However, now that I’m free from his shackles, I find myself regretting why I allowed him to control me and how could I have ever been in a relationship with him.
— Annapurna

Illustration/ Amit Bandre

Dear Annapurna,
You cannot change what has happened, but it was a good learning experience. Never allow yourself to be dictated by a guy’s whims and desires. There are millions of women out there caught in abusive relationships either because they are blinded by love or allow themselves to be treated like doormats for fear of rejection. There is nothing greater than self-esteem. Time is the greatest healer. For a while, you will be filled with remorse, but the faster you stop thinking about it, the better. Take solace from the fact that you walked out before things got out of control or took the relationship to the next level. You were saved from any horror. Next time, do not allow yourself to be in such a situation.

Diana will solve it!
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