My pet dog may not be able to stand up again: Smiley Suri

Jun 10, 2013, 09:15 IST | Kunal M Shah

An angry Smiley Suri accuses Vashi-based kennel facility of thrashing her pet pooch mercilessly

Her recent shoot schedule has cost Smiley Suri quite dearly. According to the actress, before leaving town for her work commitments, she left both her beloved pooches at a kennel facility in Vashi.

Smiley Suri

Smiley alleges that in her absence, the kennel owner Manoor Sachdev apparently beat up one of the dogs, a Fox Terrier named Mambo rendering the poor canine immobile and suffering from severe internal injuries.

An injured Mambo

A very distraught Smiley narrates, “My dogs are like my kids. Upon proper research, I left my pooches at the Canine Solutions in Vashi. Initially, Manoor kept me updated with news of my dogs and even posted pictures of them on Facebook. However after a couple of days, he refused to share any information about them.”
Apparently when she threatened to visit the dogs in person, it was then that Manoor informed Smiley about Mambo’s ill health.

According to the actress, when the kennel owner finally dropped her pooches off at her residence, she discovered to her horror that Mambo had suffered from grave injuries.

Says Smiley, “Mambo was badly injured and was almost unconscious. The doctor said that he had suffered major soft tissue injury on his back, stomach and hind legs due to a beating. He has been on drip since more than two week now and may not be able to stand up again.”

Smiley is now tensed about her dog’s future. The miffed actress says, “I wish that people like Manoor stand up instead of shying away from responsibility. My dog, who was a healthy 13 kilos, has now been reduced to a mere seven kilos. Manoor’s behaviour has been shocking.”

An apologetic Manoor tells us, “This is the first time a pet has gone home with some kind of ailment from our centre. There was no reason for my helpers or me to hit the dog at all. For Mambo, I will go to any length to assist the family. I am sorry for the trauma caused to the pet and the family.” 

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