My phone is switched off for 10-15 days, says Kangna Ranaut

Sep 06, 2013, 09:08 IST | Urmimala Banerjee

Though she's not an online addict, actor Kangana Ranaut would love to follow Steven Spielberg on a social site, and wouldn't mind an online date with Ben Affleck

“His wife, Jennifer Garner can join in too,” quips the actor at the launch of her new website. In a free-wheeling chat with CS, Kangana talks about technology, fashion and stardom.

Kangana Ranaut

Not a geeky gal
I am not much into technology. My favourite gadget is my iPod which has a huge collection of Hindi songs. The other gadget I use is my phone but only for making calls or sending SMSes. I don't know much about the other applications in them. In fact, my phone is switched off for 10-15 days when I am preparing for my film characters. Our work is highly demanding and technology can be a bit distracting at times. I love reading about history on the Internet. Mostly, I browse the net to know about a historical place, a museum, fort or something of that sort. At times, I like to read about famous paintersand their works. I don’t watch films online. I prefer reading instead. 

Online revolution
When I was a young girl growing up in Himachal Pradesh, we did not have Internet in our village. Nowadays, I see my cousins spending so much time online; they are on Twitter and so on. It feels great when I see them reading SRK's updates (laughs). Also, the fad of reading about the latest films, books or plays online is contributing to the cultural growth of the nation. This trend is more in small-town and is doing a lot of good for the people. Young people know a lot more about world cinema through the Internet, and that has brought about a change in the audience’s mindset.

Style file
I like to experiment with my looks. I am not scared of trying out new things. My inspiration is retro Hollywood. I love the style sense of Audrey Hepburn and Gene Kelly. I am a shopaholic and buy a lot of stuff from abroad. Shopping is my biggest indulgence. And after hearing some nice things about my fashion sense (smiles), I am motivated to buy the latest collections of leading designers. I have a fetish for shoes; you’ll find more than 100 pairs in my closet. My favourite colour is navy blue. It suits my complexion and makes me feel bright.

Living it up in B-Town
I was never starry-eyed. In fact, I was quite unprepared for the fame, money and independence that this industry offered me. It took me a long time to adjust to this environment. After observing stars closely, I understood why some actors in the earlier eras were kind of delusional about stardom. The current generation is more rational unlike the previous one that believed in going with the flow. We know that ultimately it is our craft and skill that survives in the long run, not our stardom.

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