My role in 'Midnight's Children' was challenging: Anita Majumdar

Jan 31, 2013, 07:54 IST | PTI

For Indo-Canadian actress Anita Majumdar, playing the role of a north Indian girl Emerald in Deepa Mehta's adaptation of 'Midnight's Children' was a challenge and she was 'awe-struck' while working with veteran Bollywood actors

Emerald, the aunt to main character Saleem Sinai in Salman Rushdie's 'Midnight's Children', ends up marrying General Zulfikar, played by Rahul Bose who covers the Pakistan angle in the novel. 'Perhaps the greatest challenge was that I was a Canadian playing a girl who was born and brought up in north India during a very specific time period.

Midnight Children
Pic/Santa Banta

On a personal level, I felt confronted with nationality,' says the actress of Bengali heritage. 'Up until then I had really thought myself an 'Indian' and then suddenly working with all these noted Indian actors it became very obvious to me that I will never fully be Indian. 

That the way I approach my work, the way I express myself, the experiences that have brought me to this place in life are inherently Canadian. 'I had to really embrace my birth country after the shoot, which I think is very in-keeping the story of 'Midnight's Children'. 

Finding nationality and found families as the result of circumstances and immigration in the pursuit of happiness,' the actress-danseuse told PTI. Anita took admission into the National Theatre School of Canada, where she graduated in 2004. Work on stage and screen took her to Toronto, where she now lives.

She says she fell in love with theatre because the theatre didn't care about 'ugly' or 'pretty', but the theatre just wanted good storytelling. Asked about Mehta as a director, Anita says she had an idea of what she wanted, but she loves working with actors and talking to them about what they think about the circumstances and the character. 

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