My roommate has a suitcase full of toys

Jun 15, 2012, 06:42 IST | Dear Diana

Dear Diana, One of my roommates is convinced that our third partner is insane. We recently found that this guy has a suitcase full of toys meant for children.

Now what’s that? It doesn’t even make sense for a 25 year-old to have stuff like that stuffed inside a suitcase unless he’s married and has little kids or something. My other roommate and I are a bit concerned about him but don’t know how to approach him and sort out what he’s up to. Kindly suggest a way that won’t endanger our friendship and solve the discomfort that we’re currently going through.
— Amay

Dear Amay,
So what if among his belongings is a suitcase of toys? You have not seen him play with them, no? He may be helping someone who is in the process of shifting homes. Or perhaps it could be a relative or a friend’s child’s belongings he may have kept with him at the parent’s request. There could be enough reasons for him to do so. As long as the toys don’t pop out in the midst of the night, there is nothing to be so concerned about him. Also, what is stopping you two to ask your roommate whose bag is it? It will then dispel all your doubts. All that I can say is grow up guys and let him be. I am sure he is keeping safe someone’s belongings. So both of you can take a chill pill and mind your own bags. 

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