My son has fallen for my ex's daughter!

Apr 10, 2013, 07:32 IST | Dear Diana

I am 55 and lost my wife in a road accident last year

Dear Diana,
To make matters worse, my 23-year-old son tells me that he’s in love with a girl. I’ve got nothing against the idea of courtship. Just that this young lady in question is the daughter of the woman I was in love with! She dumped me to settle for an arranged marriage. I’m feeling awkward about my son’s choice. What if the two decide to marry? Wouldn’t that be weird? My son is unaware that I was going around with her mother. Nor do I know if the girl’s mother is aware whose son her daughter is in love with.
— Binod Kumar

Dear Binod Kumar,
You are indeed in an odd situation. It is a blast from the past. For the moment, just let things be as it. Your son is not thinking of marriage for the moment. So till he is serious and says that he wants to take the relationship to the next level, just be mum. May be your ex flame is not aware that her daughter is going around with your son. So for the moment it is best to keep quiet.  

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