My wife has a bigger fan base: Ayushmann

Sep 14, 2012, 08:30 IST | Jigar Shah

Birthday boy Ayushmann Khurrana on the secret behind his happy marriage, his next two-hero film and his plans for today

Ayushmann Khurrana turned into an overnight sensation after his debut film Vicky Donor. The film’s success opened doors for the TV-turned-big screen actor. Currently, he is busy shooting his second film, helmed by Rohan Sippy. The chatty and effervescent actor speaks about his first two-hero film, his wife Tahira, who has pretty much managed to stay out of the limelight and celebrating his birthday today.

Ayushmann Khurrana

Have you changed as an actor since your first film?
Doing my second film now gives me a very different feeling. I feel I have evolved as an actor. My work in the film will be even better than in Vicky Donor. In my previous film, I was very raw.

Is working in a two-hero film difficult than playing the solo lead?
Rohan’s film is a buddy film. In fact I have more scenes with him than with my heroine Pooja Salvi. Actually, a film never depends on just one person. Even in Vicky Donor, there were parallel characters like that of Anu Kapoor or even that of my on screen mother. If you take one of them out of the script, the film doesn’t work.

Is your song in Rohan’s film happening finally?
I have already recorded a song. But I can’t say whether it will finally go.

You have amassed a big fan following since Vicky Donor. How does your wife react to that?
My pretty wife Tahira works as a lecturer in Chandigarh. She happens to have a bigger fan following than me!

What do you love best about your wife?
The fact that she is not demanding at all appeals the most. (Laughs) Why do you think I have been with her for more than 11 years now?

How to you plan to celebrate your birthday?
I don’t believe in birthdays and gifts. But the fact that I am completing my second film calls for a celebration. I will be spending the day with my parents. In fact, last year on my birthday, I was doing a workshop for Vicky Donor. 

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