'My wife hasn't gotten over boyfriend...'

Jan 02, 2014, 09:23 IST | Diana

Dear Diana, I am married and have a four-year-old daughter. 

Dear Diana,
I am married and have a four-year-old daughter. I recently found out that my wife was having an affair. She promised that she would not meet him again. I believed her, but I was wrong. She is still keeping in touch with him via SMSes and online chats. They may not meet, but it’s obvious that they haven’t moved on with their lives. What am I supposed to do in such a situation?
— Ankit

Dear Diana

Dear Ankit,
Stand up for yourself and take a decision. It’s pretty clear that she cannot be trusted and is taking you for granted. She lied and carried on an affair. You were a fool to believe her. If you are ready to forgive her, then remain in the relationship.Or else, move on. She may again say that she is not in touch with her lover, but she might just be cheating on you again. The trust is broken so you have to make a choice.

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