My wife is having an affair with a family friend

Oct 05, 2012, 06:25 IST | Dear Diana

Dear Diana, I'm a 38-year-old guy and mine was a love marriage. We have two kids, one aged five and the other is three. I recently found out that my wife is having an affair with a family friend

I don’t know what to do. I want to confront her but I don’t know how. If I disclose this to my parents, they will go berserk as they weren’t very happy with my choice of girl in the first place! I no longer want to stay with her, but my concern is about my children’s future. What should I do? She is under the impression that I don’t know what’s going on behind my back. Should I just let her know that enough is enough?
- Sami

Dear Diana
Illustration/Satish Acharya

Dear Sami,
If you outright ask her, she will deny it. She might just shift the blame to you and accuse you of not fulfilling her needs. She is having a roaring time with a family friend and thinks that no one will know about it! It is a bit too much. But before you confront her, you need concrete evidence. You can hire a detective to tail her. Also, you need to check her mobile bills. I am sure the guy’s cell number is the most called. At the same time, you will have to be cautious, as you have small kids. Divorce is an option. However, even if you want to reconcile for the sake of the kids, the trust is broken. So before you take a decision, weigh all the options. 

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