My wife is a compulsive liar

Published: 27 October, 2011 12:23 IST | Dear Diana |

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Dear Diana,
My wife constantly lies to me. She lies about everything and anything. Now I have reached a point that I can't take it anymore. From small, daily stuff at home to bringing up our six-year-old son, she lies about everything. My kid will do something bad, and she will lie about it to protect him from me. Meaning that she would rather lie to me than have the kid punished! My son knows that mummy will lie for him, so he takes advantage of it. I am really fed up of her lying.
- Prakash

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear Prakash,
Once someone starts lying, it keeps on building up to a point that you don't know when to believe the person. When your wife lies to you, it means it is impossible for you to trust her which is most important in a marriage. The biggest fear is that your child is likely to pick up the trait. The lies may be inconsequential or big ones but it is a lie. Your wife is consistently betraying your trust, leaving you feeling uncertain and full of doubt.  She needs counselling as she is a compulsive liar. Or try to knock sense into her head that for the sake of the child she needs to stop. You have to explain to her that even if she falters, there is no need to lie but she can admit to the mistake and move on.

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