'My wife is not at all adventurous in bed'

Jul 05, 2013, 01:26 IST | Dear Diana

Dear Diana, My girlfriend and I dated for two years before we tied the knot. I am an outgoing adventurous guy who wants to experiment in bed with various sexual positions.

She’s the exact opposite of me. I thought she’ll be more than willing to experiment once we are married. But nothing of that sort is happening. She’s very rigid and doesn’t even want to experiment. I am tired and sorry for myself for having to repress my sexual urges. How do I change my wife’s thinking.
— Samrat

Illustration/ Amit Bandre

Dear Samrat,
Good heavens! It looks like she is ashamed to have a sex life. It may be due to her outlook in life. Or she’s asexual and doesn’t want to turn you on. Talk to her about it. Explain to her that she needs to explore more of your sexuality and as a supportive wife, should try to understand and explore with you. Buy her some lacy lingerie, it will help you set the mood.

Diana will solve it!
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