Mystery 'uncle' kidnaps 4-year-old from tea stall

Apr 28, 2012, 07:07 IST | Sujeet Yadav

The only witness to the abduction is a five-year-old, who may not be able to give an accurate description of the stranger, say Dongri cops

The family of a four-year-old boy who disappeared from near his residence in Dongri on Wednesday suspects he was kidnapped. The boy’s parents say a friend of the child saw a stranger with him before he went missing. The police said the missing boy, Mohammed Gulam-e-Gaut alias Masum, a resident of Nishanpada cross lane near Abdul Baba Shah Dargah, was left by his mother Asgari Khatun (35) at a tea stall near their home as he wanted to play with his friends after the two had returned from a trip to the market.

Missing: Mohammed Gulam-e-Gaut alias Masum

Soon after, Masum’s father Mohammed Murtaza (40) stepped out of the family’s rented apartment to look for him, but the child was nowhere to be found around the tea stall, near which he used to often play. “My son went to the market with his mother. My wife came back and told me he was drinking water at the tea vendor’s place. I went outside immediately to bring him in, but he was not there. I asked the tea vendor about my son, but he said he did not know anything,” Murtaza said.

After the tea vendor, Murtaza enquired about Masum with the boy’s friends and the neighbours, but to no avail. As Murtaza continued to look for his son, he was told by a five-year-old friend of the boy that he had seen him go towards the dargah with an “uncle”. Finally, after all efforts had failed to trace the child, a missing complaint was registered with the Dongri police station.

Senior Police Inspector V B Mukne of the Dongri police station said it would be difficult to prepare a sketch of the unknown man the family suspected of kidnapping Masum as the description provided by a five-year-old might not be too accurate.“We have registered a missing complaint and are making inquiries. It would be difficult for the victim’s five-year-old friend to give a description of the suspect and there is no one else who seems to have seen the so-called kidnapper,” Mukne said. “Unless we find an appropriate witness in the case, it would be difficult for us to make a sketch.”

The police said it was still not clear whether the case was one of kidnapping as there had been no calls for ransom. The missing boy used to live in Darbhanga district of Bihar before coming to live in the city five months ago. 

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