Nagpur teen fears SSC exams, runs away from home

Mar 03, 2013, 07:25 IST | Akela

Constable spots 17-year-old runaway at the Gateway of India; police calls uncle who then takes him home

On Friday, the Colaba police found 17-year-old Ankush Tyagi, who left his home in Nagpur out of fear of appearing for this 10th standard board examinations, which started yesterday.

Constable Yuvraj Khairnar spotted Ankush, dressed in his school uniform, at the Gateway of India. The police later traced his uncle who took the boy back home.

Khairnar first asked Ankush whether someone was with him. Since Ankush did not respond, Khairnar searched him and found an eraser and a pencil. He interrogated him further and took him to the police station.

Mumbai news, Nagpur teen runs away from home fearing SSC exams
Nagpur resident Ankush Tyagi (centre) ran away from home as he felt he was inadequately prepared for his board exams and feared

It was there that Ankush revealed that he hails from Nagpur and came to came Mumbai on Wednesday. He had no money and was hungry for the past three days.

“Ankush felt he was not adequately prepared for his board examinations. He feared failure and decided to leave home,” said a police officer from Colaba police station. Ankush’s parents are no more.

The police contacted his uncle, Mithilesh Tyagi, in Nagpur. He told the police that he had registered a missing complaint in Khaperkheda police station in Nagpur. On Saturday, Mithilesh came to Mumbai and took Ankush home.

According to the police, Ankush’s father was a machine operator and died some years ago after suffering from a serious illness. His mother, too, died after giving birth to Ankush’s third sibling child. Ankush has an elder sister who is married. 

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