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Feb 15, 2012, 08:28 IST | The Guide Team

With newer and cooler trends emerging in nail art, its time you give your nails a fancy look. After scouting popular nail art studios in town, The Guide lists the most chic make-overs for your nails

With newer and cooler trends emerging in nail art, its time you give your nails a fancy look. After scouting popular nail art studios in town, The Guide lists the most chic make-overs for your nails

Nail art has gone way beyond just a fancy French manicure. There is a lot more you can do with your nails and more and more people are experimenting with them. If you want to make a fashion statement, make the nail your canvas. "Nail art is done in different ways depending upon the requirements of the client," says Sayali Samant, owner, Cuts n Curls Parlour, Karve Nagar. "Branded nail art like Lois Vitton, Prada, Gucci, Dior, Channel are quite in demand," she adds.  From crystal stones to 3D art, you can do wonders with your nails. We list a few options.

Stick-on nails
For those who do not have the patience to groom your nails and take care of them till they are long enough to fit the art-work, opt for stick-on nails. Various nail spas and salons across the city offer ready-made temporary nails, which can be glued on to your natural nails instantly. Crystals and other 3D nail art materials are stuck to the nails with nail glue to ensure these delicate pieces do not fall off. It looks classy and is sure to make heads turn. However, in order to maintain them one must avoid certain activities like washing clothes and utensils or indulging in any activity that might cause the nail to chip off. Stick-ons are often used by people who would like long nails for a short term. These cost Rs 500 onwards for a set of ten extensions.

Pink polka-dotted nail art

Nail Tattoos
If you don't want to ink your skin, opt for nail tattoos. "Nail tattoos are the in-thing now. The trend has been imported from Thailand and Japan," informs Priya Kripalani, nail technician and owner, Le Clinique, Koregaon Park. The tattoos look like paintings but on a smaller canvas. The tattoos are made on the themes of floral, dragons, fruits, landscapes, abstract and even 3D. The cost starts at Rs 150 for basic stickers. Diamonds and crystals start from Rs 5 per piece and can go up to Rs 20 per piece.

Black Floral nail art. Pic Courtesy/ Le Clinique, Koregaon Park

Stones and feathers
Nails studded with glittery stones and sequences make for a fashion statement. Add some spark to the boring polished nails and get set to party with some glam and glitter. "Lots of people still like getting diamonds on their nails as it's fun and looks classy," says Kripalani. Stones of all colours and shapes can be embellished on your natural nails and extensions can also be added with nail-friendly adhesive. For those with a wild side, the feather look is a must-try. Try on soft feathers that match the colour of your nail paint or get feathers that are a complete contrast for a funky, edgy look. It comes at a cost of Rs 100 per nail. "Most people prefer one or two nails in each hand done up with stones or feathers. Jazzing up all the nails would be an expensive affair," adds Kripalani.

Kiddie Fun
Why should pretty little girls be left behind? "We have nail art for kids based on Disney characters and colourful themes," says Kriplani. From Snow White to the Smurfs, little girls have much to look forward to during the days off from school.

The latest trend
3D art on nails is becoming the latest  trend across the world. "It is extremely popular in the US and it is soon going to catch up in India as well," says Sangeeta Shah, a US-based nail technician and the owner of Nail Splash, a nail spa salon to be opened shortly in Koregaon Park. 3D nail art includes molds that enable nail technicians to apply pre-cut designs and fill them up with acrylic colour, which dries up quickly into a smooth and detailed 3D look. The 3D look can get a little heavy on the pocket as it costs about Rs 100 per nail.

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