Nana only bringing Rakesh Maria's emotions on screen, says RGV

Feb 14, 2013, 08:34 IST | IANS

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma says actor Nana Patekar is only playing the emotions of Joint Commissioner of Police Rakesh Maria in "The Attacks of 26/11"

"Nana is not playing real life character of Rakesh Maria. He is playing the emotions of Rakesh Maria that he went through on the night of 26/11," tweeted Varma.


The film is based on the Mumbai carnage of Nov 26, 2008, when 10 terrorists struck key areas in Mumbai, killing 166 people.

Nana recently said he had to adopt the police officer's attitude to get the character right in the movie.

"Rakesh is my friend and I did not have to walk like him or copy him, I had to adapt his attitude. I have immense respect for all the policemen. They work so hard and they get minimum salary. I respect them a lot," the 63-year-old said.

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