Narayan Rane opposes Maharashtra government's decision to amend law to enforce dance bar ban

Jun 02, 2014, 20:18 IST | PTI

Maharashtra Industries Minister Narayan Rane has opposed the state government's decision to amend the law that will allow it to ban dance bars, arguing that any such ban would not be legally sustainable and will hurt tourism

Maharashtra cabinet on Monday decided to amend the Dance Bar Prohibition Act, to remove a legal lacuna on the ground of which the Supreme Court had struck down the 2005 order of the government to ban the dance bars. Sources, however, said senior minister and Congress leader Narayan Rane sounded a dissenting note.

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State desperate to frame new order banning dance bars in Mumbai

The state Home Department on Monday brought a proposal to amend section 31 and 32 of the Act, official sources said.

In 2005, in a controversial decision, dance performances in the bars in the state were banned, but performances at three-star and higher-standard hotels were exempted. The government could not defend this discrimination when the ban was challenged before the court.

Bar dancers celebrating after the Supreme Court’s order lifting the ban on dance bars, last year. File pic

The Supreme Court last year ruled that the bar dancers could resume working after bars got back their licenses for performances.

The apex court upheld the Bombay High Court's ruling that the ban violated the constitutional right to earn a living.

Today, the cabinet decided that ministers in charge of Excise, Home and Parliamentary Affairs departments will review the Act and consult group leaders in the state legislature with a view of amend the legislation and remove the lacuna. Interestingly, sources said, Industries Minister Narayan Rane argued that any such ban cannot be legally sustainable, and will hurt the tourism.

Rane left the meeting following an argument with Home Minister R R Patil of NCP; the ban is believed to be Patil's brainchild.

Rane had not attended previous two cabinet meetings after the Lok Sabha election results. His son, Nilesh Rane, lost the Ratnagiri-Sindhudurg seat to Shiv Sena.

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