Narendra Modi checkmates Congress

Mar 04, 2016, 07:56 IST | Agencies

After mounting a no-holds-barred counterattack on Congress and its VP, PM Narendra Modi reached out to the Opposition saying he needs their support for ‘improvement’ in his government

Some people learn with age but some don’t. The ordinance was torn apart when the then PM Manmohan Singh was in the US to meet (Barack) Obama. Please learn to respect elders.
— Modi’s jibe at Rahul Gandhi

In the opposition there are bright and talented youngsters who don’t get a chance to speak...The concern is that if they speak, they will be praised. Then what will happen to us.  
— Another jibe at Rahul Gandhi

You are mocking at Make in India? If it is not successful, you should suggest what should be done to make it successful.
— Modi on Make in India

After Stalin died, Nikita Krushchev would criticise him wherever he went. At one meeting, Krushchev was criticising Stalin and one youth said, ‘you have worked with Stalin, then why are you criticising him now?’... Krushchev replied, ‘I wished to do the same in Stalin era but could not. You can do it. Got the answer?
— Modi on freedom of speech

Kharge ji said there is corruption in MGNREGA; I agree with him 1,000 percent. I don’t disagree with it
— Modi’s dig at Congress on MGNREGA

House is not allowed to function due to inferiority complex (of the opposition leadership)
— Modi on non-passage of important bills

We can engage in ‘tu tu, mai mai’ (blame game). You may curse me and I may curse you but officals celebrate. By doing ‘tu tu, mai mai’, we may be scoring points but at the end, the accountability of the bureaucracy ends. Our government may come or go but the accountability of the bureaucracy has to be there.
— Modi on increasing executive-accountability

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@narendramodi: It’s our privilege to do the work that should’ve been done years ago, but unfortunately didn’t happen.

@ashokepandit: Rahul Gandhi being pitched against @Narendramodi proves the bankruptcy of leadership in #Cong.#SpeechWars

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