Nathalia: Model or opera singer?

Apr 20, 2012, 07:34 IST | Special Features

An evidence of how much the item numbers in Bollywood have changed is the Dharam & Sandeep duo.

They are gung-ho about their sexy item song ‘Dan Dan’ (which received 100,000 views in 3 days on a popular video sharing website) that they’ve composed for RGV’s upcoming film featuring model Nathalia Kaur.

Sandeep says, “Working on the song was fun. It’s got Indian elements fused with Dubstep which is a rare mixture.” But not many know that when Nathalia Kaur visited Dharam & Sandeep’s studio, she felt nostalgic as she took to singing on the microphone.

Yes, Nathy’s a trained opera singer. Sandeep adds, “My eyes popped out when I saw her sing the opera. It was like a live concert. She’s got a golden voice and we are surely going to dub her in our next film.”

The duo said, “It’s by far, the hottest item number of the year. It’s got energy, thanks to the brilliant singing by Paroma and Ravindra and Nathy’s crazy moves.”
The song is slowly but surely gaining prominence on social networking sites and will be played during the ongoing cricket league. 

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