Nation building with Marathi theatre

Feb 19, 2013, 11:26 IST | Hassan M Kamal

Marathi play Takshakyag calls for the younger generation to stop being self-centred and take part in the country's political and social affairs

Inspired from the story of King Janmejay from Mahabharata, and the teachings of Swami Vivekananda, Marathi playwright PL Mayekar and theatre director Avinash Narkar have joined hands to present Takshakyag, a contemporary view of Indian society to inspire the young generation to participate in the political process of the country.

A still from Takshakyag
A still from Takshakyag 

The play tells the story of the king who starts a yagya (a fire ritual) to kill a poisonous snake called Takshak, who bit his father, and then goes on to destroy every poisonous snake in his land. “Takshakyag is a modern take on how the Indian public needs to start a similar yagya to destroy all the evil doers in the country social, political or economic as well as the outside forces challenging its unity,” says Narkar.

The play is divided into two acts Act One looks at a country named Bhagirathdesh, whose two communities Mahakaal and Habbal divides the country into two separate states under a foreign influence Aalom, similar to how pre-independent India was divided into two separate countries.

The Act Two takes a look into how despite a division the people in the two states are unable to live in peace. “While Act One looks at the partition, the reasons behind it, and the good and bad things about it, Act Two talks about the effects of the partition and the problems that emerged out of it,” he shares.

According to Narkar, the main aim of the play is to inspire youngsters to take matters in their hands. “The young generation is India’s future. They need to wake up now and fight against all evildoers. Only then will we be able to stand together as one nation,” he adds.

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