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Aug 13, 2013, 11:08 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

Natural Volume, a five-member Hindi Alternate Rock band, which takes pride in varied styles of music, is all set to take the stage in Pune for the first time

Describing themselves as a band that plays Hindi, English, Hinglish, Rock, Hard Rock, Semi-Classical and also a bit of desi stuff, Natural Volume merges different genres to create what they call soulful original music.

The five-member band from Mumbai will be performing at the Hard Rock Café tomorrow. Talking about the formation of the band vocalist Nevil Mehta, who also assists on keyboard, says that the group first started as a three-member team in 2010 with Vikalp Sharma on rhythm guitar and Chaitanya Haidkar on lead guitar. “We came together in 2010 as college friends having a similar interest in music. We started jamming together and when the co-ordination was formed, we started playing in various college festivals,” says Mehta.

Band members of Natural Volume

But the band didn’t have a drummer and bass guitarist as yet. It was only around January 2011 that Jash Shah joined Natural Volume on bass guitar and Vishal Vazkar on drums. “We eventually got them when we started doing gigs. This way, in January 2011, our band was complete,” he adds.

It is never easy for a new band to find its niche, especially when you have plenty of newcomers entering the scene. But being a Hindi Alternate Rock band, Natural Volume is slowly taking a step forward to make a mark in the Indian Indie music scene. Mehta adds, “It was difficult to get a gig initially. But as we started performing in various music fests, people started looking forward to our performance. We were among the few Hindi Rock bands amongst a line-up of English ones. With every gig of ours, people started appreciating and liking us. Overall, it has been a bouncy journey so far.”

Natural Volume believes in variations, and they perform covers as well as originals. “We like to explore all the genres, be it contemporary or various original forms of Rock music. Considering the lyrics we write, some times we also touch on music genres like Semi-Classical. What we look for in our music is that people should understand and like it at the same time,” he adds.

The band is performing for the first time at Hard Rock Café, Pune tomorrow, and will be releasing their third single ‘Chamiya’ at the performance. And since, it’s a day ahead of Independence Day, the band will also perform a special fusion number of the national song Vande Mataram.

Apart from that, Natural Volume will also be performing seven originals and around eight-nine covers of Indie bands like Indian Ocean and a mix of humorous Bollywood fusion numbers.

On Tomorrow,
At Hard Rock Café, Koregaon Park.
Call 67258888
Entry `100 to `500 

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