Navi Mumbai: Friends murder roomie, chop up body, dump it in dustbin

Jul 19, 2015, 07:35 IST | A correspondent

The accused hacked their friend into pieces, locked up the remains in a Belapur railway station toilet; later doused body in phenyl to mask stench, and left it in a dustbin

The Navi Mumbai Crime branch arrested two persons, one on Friday and the other yesterday, for allegedly murdering their friend and dumping the mutilated body into a dustbin outside Belapur station.

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Police said that in order to ensure that the deceased, Kartik Jayswal, wasn’t identified, both accused chopped his body into 12 pieces.

Navi Mumbai murder

According to police officials, the two arrested have been identified as Satyanarayan Yadav (28) and Manoj Yadav (23), who shared a house with the deceased.

On July 4, the two served Jayswal some alcohol, and after he was inebriated, they choked him to death with a scarf. “The duo then locked the body inside a toilet at Belapur station, and in order to mask the stench they poured phenyl on it. Later, on July 6, they bought a sickle and cut it up into 12 parts, placed it in a plastic bag and dumped into a nearby dustbin,” added Shinde.

With no clues and an unidentified body, the cops started investigating the case and checked CCTV footage of the previous week.

“After checking CCTV cameras at Belapur station, we zeroed in on the two, since they looked suspicious. We picked up Satyanarayan. After he confessed to the crime, we arrested him and nabbed Manoj on Saturday,” said Shinde.

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Both accused have been booked under Sections 302 (punishment for murder) and 201 (causing disappearance of evidence of offence), of the Indian Penal Code.

Police speak
Senior police inspector Maloji Shinde from the Navi Mumbai Crime Branch Unit 1 said, “The three stayed together; being the eldest, Jayswal dominated the two and snatched money from Satyanarayan and Manoj; he consumed food and alcohol alone, without leaving any money for the duo. The two accused also claim that Jayswal has several murder and assault cases registered against him in Bihar, because of which they were scared of him.”

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