Naxals manufacturing their arms in jungles of Jharkhand

Sep 20, 2012, 07:32 IST | ANI

Naxals continue to pose a security threat to India. Many groups smuggle arms from neighbouring countries and small outfits that are not able to do so, manufacture them in jungles.

In Jharkhand’s Simdega District, police recently arrested four People’s Liberation Front of India (PLFI) activists and also recovered a huge cache of arms from them.

During their interrogation, it was revealed that the Naxals are manufacturing arms in the jungles.

Prabhat Kumar, the Superintendent of Police of Simdega District, said: “PLFI cadres bring weapon manufacturing experts from outside and produce weapons by setting up small camps in forests.

Police revealed that the names of Naxal leaders Gujju Gop and Dinesh Gop were inscribed on the weapons recovered by them.

Jharkhand Police and central paramilitary forces are trying their best to shut down these mini arms manufacturing units that are being operated illegally in jungles.  

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