'Necessity is the mother of innovation,' says scientist-cum-artist Ninad Gidwani

Mar 18, 2014, 03:15 IST | Kartiki Nitin Lawate

Scientist-cum-artist Ninad Gidwani says the many products he has come up with were developed after encountering certain challenges over the years

Ninad Gidwani (in pic), who has several patents to his name, says almost all his innovations are need-based. From cookware, to pillows, and the latest gas stove, Gidwani says he developed each one of these after facing a problem in his personal life.

Pic/Mohan Patil

“My back used to hurt after I had an accident. So, I developed a chair that takes care of this. I have a patent for the design now. I also came up with mattresses and pillows from coir. Similarly, I created cookware out of clay, as I wanted to eat from a hygienic vessel. If food is cooked in these utensils, the taste also improves,” he told mid-day.
Gidwani is a scientist-cum-artist, working in the field of glass and ceramics since graduating as an industrial engineer in 1989 from VIT, Pune. He has developed inks for glass, and was recognised by Coca-Cola, Atlanta in 2001 for creating inks for all their beverage glass bottles.

He has also invented, developed, and patented flame-top and mineral-coated ceramic cookware, a series of highly-efficient, leak-proof oil lamps, divine meditation lamps (akhand lamps), floating ceramic lamps/diyas, eco-friendly oil tea-lights, etc, and is trying for more patents now.

“My first experience on the potter’s wheel was effortless. Each time I sat on the wheel, it was like magic. This art form pulled me in so deep that I could not think of anything else,” he reminisced.

Waifs and strays

“Now my focus is on helping four-legged beings, who need my love and assistance. And its perhaps another predestined occurrence that so many animals have found a home around this pottery, and we now call this Prani Seva Ashram,” Gidwani said. At present, there are 47 stray dogs and a blind cat, which he takes care of, and feeds twice a day.

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