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Sep 14, 2012, 06:54 IST | Vedika Chaubey

Unions aim to introduce colour scheme for cabs based on different localities so commuters don't have to face recurrent refusal from drivers

Being snubbed routinely by taxi drivers is a usual occurrence in the lives of most Mumbaikars. While many times, the cabbie has no valid reason for it, sometimes a cabbie refuses a ride because either he is at the fag end of his duty hours or he is not from that particular area. Now, taxi unions are planning to introduce a colour scheme based on different localities to help commuters avoid inconvenience and ignominy.

Cabbie refuses a ride
Taxi-ng times no more? Sometimes a cabbie refuses a ride because either his shift is about to end or he is not from a particular area. Representation pic

Anthony Quadros, general secretary, Mumbai Taximen’s Union, said, “Blaming the drivers for refusal is not the solution and they are not at fault all the time. There are instances when a cabbie doesn’t want to go to the eastern suburbs because his shift is about to end and he is from the western suburbs.” Quadros also said that though taxi drivers reject passengers for various reasons, often the excuses are genuine. “We are planning to introduce this colour code soon. This will make it simpler for passengers to identify taxis that will ply to their intended destination,” he added.

While the taxis will remain black-and-yellow, a perceptible shade will be added to them in accordance with the scheme. Citizens MID DAY spoke to expressed delight hearing of his proposal. Seema Shah, who works at a private firm in Lower Parel said she has to face harassment every day while trying to find a cab.

“If the colour system comes into place, passengers will be very pleased and they won’t have to face repeated rebuffs from cabbies,” she said.

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