Neeraj Ghaywan: I do not take praise seriously

Sep 30, 2015, 09:04 IST | Anirban Das

Neeraj Ghaywan, who has won international acclaim for his debut film 'Masaan', says it's important to stay grounded

JFFAfter doing the rounds of the international film festival circuit and winning critical appreciation for his debut film Masaan, Neeraj Ghaywan is now being counted among the directors to watch out for. And he holds a special place for the Jagran Film Festival as it was the first in India to screen his movie. "I take a lot of pride as Jagran reaches almost every house in the country and when such a group screens your film, it is a prestigious thing," he said.

Neeraj Ghaywan. pic/SHARAD VEGDA
Neeraj Ghaywan. Pic/Sharad Vegda

Ghaywan goes on to add that even though he has received applause for Masaan, he wants to remain grounded. "I try to be honest and humble and not take praise very seriously. I think that’s what has helped me survive for so long. According to me, every creative person should possess these qualities to keep doing well," says the director.

"Besides, once you lose your individuality, you wouldn’t be able to come up with great ideas and make a good film," he adds.

Quiz him on the demarcation in the film industry today and he explains that a good script is all that matters: "There is nothing like art, parallel or commercial cinema today. If you have a good script and you believe in it, the format you are making it in doesn’t matter. Even working with newcomers doesn’t matter as far as you are honest to the script and work accordingly."

Ghaywan has already begun working on other projects and advises budding filmmakers to stay true to themselves. "One should try to not get swayed by success. I have seen people who came to the city to make movies changing and trying to be someone else. You should be comfortable being who you are and diligently work towards your goal," he signs off.

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