Neetu Chandra takes up smoking for a role

May 15, 2012, 08:36 IST | Jigar Shah

A non-smoker, Neetu Chandra took up some serious puffing to prepare for her role in her next

Some of our actors in Bollywood don’t mind going the whole way to fit right into the shoes of their characters. For instance, Aamir Khan spent hours sculpting his body to beef up his look.

Shah Rukh Khan voluntarily got sloshed on the sets of Devdas before giving his shots. And now, Neetu Chandra is the latest actor to jump onto this bandwagon. For her latest Tamil film, where she plays a chain smoker, she had to smoke almost 50 cigarettes per day in order to get into the skin of her character. And that too, when she is an absolute non-smoker.

Neetu says, “I can’t stand smoking but I loved the role so much that I had to agree to smoke. In fact, I would end up smoking nearly 50 to 70 cigarettes a day. I did that for nearly 20 days, which was very much throughout the shooting.

I prepared myself for the role by keeping a cigarette in my hand before we began shooting. I would try different ways to play around with it. Eventually, I began looking cooler than my friends who are regular smokers.” 

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