NEGLIGENCE? Techie dies after hospital removes kidney without family's consent

Feb 27, 2014, 09:04 IST | Tahasin Atar

Indrajit Chavan, who had studied under streetlights to become an engineer, was admitted to a Pune hospital on February 21 after he was diagnosed with a kidney stone in his left kidney

Indrajit Chavan, a 32-year-old IT professional and a resident of Manik Baugh, died yesterday at the Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital. His family alleged negligence by the medical staff at the hospital as the reason for his death.

Chavan, who had studied under streetlights to become an engineer, was admitted to the Prime Surgical Centre on Law College Road on February 21 after he was diagnosed with a kidney stone in his left kidney.

The hospital said after he underwent a surgery on February 25 to remove the stone, he suffered from a cardiac arrest and was shifted to the Critical Care Unit at Mangeshkar Hospital.

His relatives and friends are in a state of shock.

Sandeep Shinde, his friend, said, “At Mangeshkar Hospital, they informed us that he was suffering from severe internal bleeding and had to be given blood from 18 blood packets.

The doctors then informed us that they would have to perform another operation to understand the cause behind the bleeding.

“After the operation, the doctor returned from the operation theatre carrying his left kidney, and asserted that an anomaly in the kidney was causing the severe bleeding.

The doctor did not take any permission from us before removing his kidney, and a few hours later he was declared dead. He simply stated that it was an unnatural death.”

Dr Dileep Sarda, state president of the Indian Medical Association, said, “There is a very subtle difference between medical negligence and accident.”

The relatives say it is a very suspicious scenario as they have been kept in the dark about the entire matter while the reason behind his death has not been disclosed by the hospital. The body was later sent for post-mortem to Sassoon Hospital. His kidney was stored in a jar by the staff at Mangeshkar Hospital.

The doctors at Mangeshkar Hospital and Prime Surgical Centre refused to comment on the case. The relatives have registered a case of medical negligence against the two hospitals with the Kothrud police.

“We have taken the statements from the relatives and will register an FIR after Sassoon medical board’s opinion,” said PI Kalyanrao Vidhate.

>> Chavan underwent surgery to remove kidney stone on Feb 25
>>  But he had a cardiac arrest and was shifted to another hospital
>> Here, doctors removed his kidney

Tragic end for a bright engineer

Indrajit Chavan came from a humble background. He dreamt of becoming an IT engineer and travelling the world one day while studying under streetlights and going hungry several times.

In his short autobiography ‘From footpath to Microsoft, Singapore’, penned by him on February 24, just a day before he passed away, he wrote, “I did not have money to pay my exam fees.

I along with my family had to stay on the footpath for around 15 days during my SSC exam. I did not have money to buy books and would borrow them from my friends.

I delivered newspapers in the morning, sold milk bags and even worked at telephone booths to support my family.” His dream of becoming an engineer came true after he received a scholarship from Finolex Hope Foundation. He travelled to several countries while working with Microsoft and TCS.

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