Neha Hinge taken ill after eating stale cake

Jun 20, 2013, 08:22 IST | Kunal M Shah

How a prank on the 'Luv U Soniyo' sets went horribly wrong for the actress

Now, we all know what happens when we eat stale food. And this one simply takes the cake, literally. While shooting for her upcoming film Luv U Soniyo, Neha Hinge was made to tuck into some old cake, and had to pay a price. Soon after her shot, the actress was taken ill and came down with food poisoning. 

Neha Hinge  and Tanuj Virwani
Neha Hinge and Tanuj Virwani

Apparently, Neha’s co-star Tanuj Virwani was to blame for her ill health.

According to sources, the film was being shot in the interiors of Goa and one of the scenes involved cutting and eating a cake during a birthday celebration.

A source from the sets says, “It was a three-day long scene which required an exquisite cake and lots of balloons. Since the location was in the interiors, a new cake could not be brought in every day. Director Joe Rajan suggested the team use the same cake and Neha had to just pretend to eat it.”

Unfortunately, in a mischievous mood, Tanuj forced Neha to bite into a rather big portion of the stale cake. Since the camera was rolling, the actress apparently had no other option except to gulp it down. The innocent prank led to Neha coming down with a bad bout of food poisoning.

Says Neha, “Tanuj is such a brat. The cake was so sour. It was the last shot as the cake had already been cut. So I had to eat it. I curse him for this.”

Well, we hope the actor has learnt a bitter lesson. 

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