Neil compares '3G' to Hollywood blockbusters

Mar 06, 2013, 08:15 IST | IANS

Neil Nitin Mukesh is so confident of his forthcoming psychological thriller "3G" that he compares it with three Hollywood ventures - "The Omen", "What Lies Beneath" and "The Sixth Sense"

"The film is a psychological horror. It's very interesting, there is suspense, thrill. If I have to compare, then I might compare it with three Hollywood films, which are my favourite too and they are - 'What Lies Beneath', 'The Omen' and 'The Sixth Sense'," the 31-year-old said here Monday in an interview.

Neil Nitin Mukesh

"Only these are the films with which I can compare '3G'. Because to create horror, ghost or such elements are not needed. There is nothing of that sort in it. It's a psychological horror," he added.

Co-directed by Sheershak Anand and Shantanu Ray Chhibber, "3G" revolves around a mobile phone and the situations that ensue after Neil's character buys it.

The film also features Sonal Chauhan and hits theatres March 15.

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