Neil Nitin Mukesh's paranormal experience

May 28, 2012, 08:51 IST | Jigar Shah

Actor was spooked by the presence of an apparent ghost on the sets of his new horror film

While shooting for his new horror film in Fiji, never in his wildest dreams did Neil Nitin Mukesh that imagine he would himself become a victim of irrational fear.

Neil had always wanted to do a horror film. For the filming of a particular schedule, the crewmembers and the cast landed in a rather remote corner in the Fiji jungles. The team was supposed to shoot at this location for thtree nights in a row.

On the very first night itself, one of the crew members felt that someone was staring at him from behind and whenever he would turn around, there was no one. No one believed him and the rest of the crew laughed at the incident.

However, on the second day Neil too began feeling the presence of this unseen being. The location was eerie and the incident started playing on everyone’s minds. While most crewmembers panicked and wanted to leave the scene immediately, it was later decided that the shoot would continue as scheduled.  

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