Neil Nitin Mukesh's snake scare!

Jul 04, 2012, 09:15 IST | Shakti Shetty

Actor has a encounter with the deadly reptile during the shoot of his film in Fiji

Neil Nitin Mukesh and his alleged girlfriend and co-star Sonal Chauhan recently spent time in Fiji, shooting for their new film. 

During a particular schedule, where they were shooting under the water surface, the two suddenly got surrounded by sea snakes. However, little did they know that the reptiles were extremely poisonous, as the crewmembers had wrongly informed them that the snakes were simply harmless.

Our source says, “As a result, they were relaxed and went for the shot. Later while the shooting was going on, the snakes started coiling around their legs. Needless to mention, they were really scared but the two maintained their calm.” It was only after the wrap-up that the two actors were told the snakes were deadly.

Neil tell us, “We stepped into the ocean but as we went slightly deeper, the snakes were slowly coiling themselves around our legs. We didn’t want to create a commotion and decided to stand quietly till they moved away. Later when we got out of the water we were told that they were poisonous.”

Climate change
Now that he is back in town, Neil is enjoying the weather. He points out, “The Fijian weather is very unpredictable. In spite of the island being surrounded by the sea, there were days the wind didn’t blow at all. Sometimes there would be a storm. In Mumbai, at least, you can quite predict the weather.” 

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