Neon confusion at Rude Lounge

Jul 28, 2014, 08:17 IST | Dhara Vora

Rude Lounge is the newest entrant that tries to woo tipplers from Mulund and Thane. But does it manage to stir things up?

Rude Lounge
Food: Average
Service: Quick
Ambiance: Loud

There aren't too many 'cool' watering holes in Mulund or Thane. Usually, enthusiasts end up at usual suspects — Pop Tate's or Timbuctoo. After Waters opened on LBS Road sometime back, Rude Lounge put up its neon-lit face last week.

Chicken in Devil Sauce
Chicken in Devil Sauce

It has a bouncer-style entry, where you are allowed in after sharing your name and number. But once inside, it seemed pointless, as it wasn't throbbing like a discotheque; in fact, we were surprised to spot kids running around its garish interiors that screamed wannabe. It didn't help — the place looked shady and far from cool.

Rude Lounge’s neon-lit interiors
Rude Lounge's neon-lit interiors

A glance at the menu answered the mishmash as far as patrons at the space. Cocktails like Belly Button shared space with Indian tandoori regulars Chicken Tiranga Kebab and Paneer Butter Masala as well as predictable pizza and pasta mentions.
We requested our attendant to suggest options for starters but he was confused and needed someone else to come up with options. After slight deliberation, we ordered Chicken in Devil Sauce (Rs 320) and a Smokey BBQ Pizza (Rs 240).

From the cocktails, we ordered a Singapore Sling (Rs 310) and Angry Dude (Rs  320). Much to our surprise, the orders arrived at our table in just over five minutes! The cocktails, especially Angry Dude (mix of spicy guava juice and whiskey), was done well, while the chicken starter made for a succulent soul food choice, courtesy, the tender chunks of chicken.

Impressed, we ordered a Penne Arabiata (Rs 290), and skipped the curry-roti section. The pasta and the BBQ Pizza was run-of-the-mill variety — spicy with onion, chilli and garam masala-styled flavours. The crust of the pizza held its own, while the toppings were generous.

If you feel like downing a few beers but are ready to ignore the gaudy ambiance, this place might work for you. However, its average food and somewhat clueless service could do with an inspired shake-up.

At: Rude Lounge, near Chheda Petrol Pump, LBS Road, Mulund (W).
Call: 7738892803
Rude Lounge didn't know we were there. the guide reviews anonymously and pays for its  meals.

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