Nephew robs uncle to buy phones, car, bike

Apr 01, 2013, 06:37 IST | Shiva Devnath

After stealing 1 kg of gold ornaments from his uncle's cupboard last year and selling most of it, a 20-year-old splurged the money amounting to Rs 15 lakh to buy as many as 30 phones, including iPhone and Blackberry, a car and a motorbike over a period of six months

According to police officials, the accused Nadeem Khokhar lives with his mother Sabeeha (40) on the sixth floor of Cezar Tower in Jogeshwari. His Dubai-based uncle, a businessman, had asked the two to take care of his property while he was away.

Nadeem Khokhar (20) stole the gold ornaments in 2012 and used the money to buy as many as 30 high-end phones other than a car and a motorcycle

Before leaving for Dubai, his uncle Iqbal Khokhar (42) had locked the room where the ornaments were kept. “Khokhar had left the gold ornaments in his locker before leaving but had not informed Sabeeha about it,” said API Irfan Shaikh of the Amboli police station. When Iqbal returned to India in January this year, he found that the ornaments were missing. He lodged a complaint of theft with the Amboli police station on January 13. On being questioned by the cops, Sabeeha denied any involvement in the case and said that she and her son had never unlocked the room.

Key to the puzzle
Police officials then proceeded to acquire the call details report (CDR) of Nadeem’s mobile and found that a single SIM card had been used in 30 different phones. “We got IMEI numbers of 30 phones including iPhone and Blackberry handsets,” said API Shaikh.

During investigations, police officials looked for frequently dialled numbers, one of which turned out be Nadeem’s friend’s number. When officials enquired, the friend informed them that in the past six months Nadeem had been splurging on expensive mobiles. He also told the police that Nadeem had bought a car and a Pulsar motorcycle.

“By then, we knew that Nadeem must have made a duplicate key to Iqbal’s locker. We found a local key maker and asked him to identify Nadeem’s photo. When he couldn’t, we took him to the building where Nadeem stays to find out whether he had made any keys for the locker in the building. The key maker was then able to identify the house as well as Nadeem,” said Shaikh.

Amboli police have arrested Nadeem on the charge of theft. The police have recovered 25 tolas of gold from him. “Nadeem had sold the rest of the gold to his accomplice in Gujarat for Rs 15 lakh. We have arrested the accomplice Riyaz Baig and his friend Niranjan, who was in charge of melting the gold ornaments,” said Shaikh. 

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