Nerul residents provide food, shelter to four-legged friends

Jun 27, 2013, 07:45 IST | Rubina Choudhari

Residents living in Sector 19/A have also carried out sterilisation for 10 dogs with the help of non-governmental organisations

‘A Dog is a man’s best friend’ and residents of sector 19/A in Nerul have proved that the opposite is not far from the truth either. People from the area have taken up the responsibility of feeding and giving shelter to the stray dogs of the locality.

You can often find residents from Cottage Land, Sneha Deep Apartment and Safal complex carrying around packets of biscuits, toast and milk to feed their four-legged friends. On a lucky day, these dogs even enjoy a mouthful of chicken or Pedigree.

Devashree Shetye, who owns three labradors and one mongrel says that even stray dogs need a lot of love and care

A 65-year-old resident, Mahendra Singh, said, “These stray dogs have become a part of my life now and it’s an amazing feeling, the joy of seeing them happy is very unique. I wish more people join in, it will help our cause.” These residents have become so attached to these stray dogs that some of them have even named their favourite ones.

Devashree Shetye, another resident who lives in Cottage Land and owns three labradors and one mongrel, said, “Stray dogs also need love and care and we are trying to provide as much of that as we can. Even if you cannot feed them and take care of them on a daily basis at least make sure that you don’t harm them.”

Animal lovers from the locality also take care of injured animals by providing them immediate medical attention. On many occasions they have called up ambulances during emergencies. Around 10 dogs were sterilised with the help of NGOs such as In Defense of Animals (IDA), Animal Matter To Me (AMTM). And on days when it rains heavily, residents of Sneha Deep also provide these dogs with shelter.  

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