Netizens accuse Kakade of 'managing' rejection

Sep 30, 2014, 04:49 IST | A Correspondent

Some say he did this to restrict opposition to Deepak Mankar, a Congress corporator who defected to NCP and is now its official candidate

A day after NCP spokesperson Ankush Kakade’s nomination was rejected, as the willing candidate from Kasba constituency did not reach in time to submit the mandatory affidavit along with the nomination form, netizens criticised him for deliberately going late.

Ankush Kakad
NCP spokesperson Ankush Kakade’s nomination from Kasba constituency was rejected on Monday as he could not submit the affidavit in time. Pic/Shashank Sane

Sources claim that Kakade deliberately did this to help his friend and sitting MLA, Girish Bapat, of the BJP. It is also said that his rejection is the result of a plot to restrict opposition to Deepak Mankar, a Congress corporator who defected to NCP and who now is the official candidate of NCP from Kasba constituency.

Incidentally after the news about Kakade’s candidature getting rejected went viral, on Monday Kakade said on Facebook that it was only due to a technical snag that it happened and nothing else.

Form rejected
“I had filed a nomination of NCP from Kasba constituency. But I could not file the required affidavit in time and that’s why my form got rejected. There is no other reason behind it. Media should take note of this,” Kakade stated.

However his clarification received furious reactions on the social networking site.

“Haa what a joke! Ex-Mayor of Pune and NCP spokesperson doesn’t even know what documents are required for nomination,” posted a netizen.

Another said, “There is ample scope of suspicion in it. If any other party’s candidate had filed the candidature in your place then it can be understandable. Hence your move of not filing the affidavit is suspicious.”

According to sources, Kakade was reluctant to contest the upcoming state elections. However, a segment of NCP leaders raised strong objections about giving the candidature to erstwhile Congress corporator Mankar, and just to calm them down,
at the last moment the party asked Kakade to enter the field.

Top party leaders deliberately brought Kakade into the picture and, along with Mankar asked, him to fill the form and even declared Kakade the party’s official candidate from Kasba. That is the reason why even after Kakade’s candidature got rejected no top party leader said a word against him for such an unacceptable lapse. If this theory is believed, both the party and Kakade manipulated the series of events to ensure a smooth path for Mankar.

Interestingly Kakade and Mankar both filed their nomination as official candidates of the NCP on September 27, on the last date of submission. Then on Monday, while checking the documents, it was revealed that Kakade had not submitted an affidavit, making him ineligible to contest elections, and automatically turning Mankar the official candidate of NCP from Kasba constituency.

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