Never hearing 'mummy', woman jumps to death with 3-year-old son

Feb 17, 2012, 09:05 IST | Shiva Devnath

Depressed over child's speech disorder, 30-yr-old leaps out from her 12th floor residence; her first attempt to commit suicide was foiled by domestic help

Depressed over child's speech disorder, 30-yr-old leaps out from her 12th floor residence; her first attempt to commit suicide was foiled by domestic help

Tormented by her three-year-old son's speech impairment that left her yearning to hear the word  'mummy', 30-year-old Nandita Agarwal, a homemaker, jumped off with her son Binayak from their 12th floor residence in Samarpan Building, located opposite Broadway Theatre in Kandivli (East), last night.

Double deaths: Samarpan Building at Kandivli from where Nandita
(below) jumped to her death with Binayak (inset). Pic/Nayan Sahane

According to the Kasturba Marg police, the incident occurred around 11.15 pm in front of their domestic help, Bhavan Mandal (24), who had been working with the Agarwal family for the past three years. It was Mandal who informed the police about the incident.

The officers added that Nandita's husband Naval (38), a construction financer by profession, had left for Varanasi some six days ago to meet his parents and visit their ancestral temple.

The first attempt
In his statement, Mandal informed the police that Binayak was suffering from a speech disorder, wherein he had difficulty in speaking, which constantly dogged Nandita's mind. She was highly depressed over the fact that her son wasn't able to address her as 'mummy'. He also stated that for the past three days, Nandita was having delusions that somebody wanted to kill her.

On Wednesday night, before Nandita jumped off from the flat with Binayak, she tried committing suicide by setting herself ablaze. However, timely intervention by Mandal averted the tragedy.

Leap of death
Realising that the situation was spiralling out of control, Mandal decided to inform Naval about Nandita's suicidal attempt. It was here, when Manadal was on the phone trying to reach Naval, Nandita along with Binayak, jumped to their death. They crashed into the balcony of the building's first floor, and died soon after.

"Bhavan told us that when he went to call Naval, he saw Nandita carrying Binayak. Initially he assumed that she was pacifying the crying child. But without a warning she opened the window and leaped out of it," said a police officer, Kasturba Marg police station.

The police said that after informing them about the incident, Mandal rushed the mother and the toddler to Bhagwati Hospital where they were declared dead on arrival.

"Naval is in the city and we have recorded his statement," said Rajendra Thakur, senior police inspector, Kasturba Marg police station.

'I'm shocked'
When contacted Naval said that he had never expected Nandita to take such a drastic step. He said, "I had spoken to Nandita a day prior to the incident and everything appeared to be normal with her."

Commenting on their marriage, Naval said that he had first met Nandita, then an interior designer at a construction sight in Varanasi.

They later tied the knot against their parents' wishes in 2004 and owing to tension between the two families, they shifted to Mumbai in 2008.

He added that despite their best efforts, the couple failed to resolve the differences their marriage had created between the two families, and this had been bothering Nandita.

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